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In Which Matt Bukowski Sees “Fun Home” on Broadway

  Alison Bechdel’s graphic memoir Fun Home begins with a game of “Airplane,” in which Bechdel’s father, Bruce, propels his child into the air by bouncing her on his upturned legs. The image introduces an intimate exploration of Bechdel and

Curated: Tips for Submitting Your Work

  Whenever I meet someone new, the conversation usually ends up like this: they will ask me what I do and, when I respond that I am a writer, they’ll ask where I am published. I’ll turn bright red and laugh,

Reading, Writing, and Rome

  Last summer I participated in AU’s first graduate summer semester in Rome. Over five weeks from the end of May to the end of June, Professor David Keplinger and nine MFA’s lived and studied, drank cheap wine and ate

Visiting Writer’s Series: Alexander Chee

  Alexander Chee is the author of two novels, the critically acclaimed Edinburgh, which received the Whiting Award and was described by the by the Washington Post as a “lovely, nuanced, never predictable portrait of a creative soul in the

Curated: Climate Fiction

Climate change has firm roots in our lexicon—it’s how we name and understand otherwise inexplicable weather patterns. Winter staved off throughout December, blessing the Northeast with golden warm holidays. January threatening to bury our cities beneath record-breaking snow. We read