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In Which Katie Avagliano Reviews Equinox

  Equinox, at 818 Connecticut Avenue, is only about a block from the White House. It’s the perfect place to take an out-of-town friend, especially if that friend, like Caryn, happens to be both vegan and gluten free. Most of

Writing to Persuade

  Argumentative writing–writing to persuade–includes fiction, creative non-fiction, and writing letters to the editor, among other forms. It may include writing letters to cable providers explaining why you should get a 10 percent reduction in the monthly charge or letters

“Constellations” Review by Lauren Johnson

  Marianne and Roland are drunk. They sit on the ground, their legs opened to one another, laughing. With blonde hair that curls just beneath his ears and a clear complexion, Roland is all boyish good looks. “Do you know

The Irrevocable Connection Between Stories and Litigation

  Stories and litigation. Litigation and stories. They are irrevocably connected in my life, as they should be. I wrote terrible stories in high school and realized very soon that I would not make my living as a writer, although what