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Experiments in Self-Publishing

“Thank you for sending us ‘Zakkai, Father of Yochanan.’ While we read your work with interest, unfortunately, we decided it’s not quite right for Menacing Hedge at this time. Please keep in mind that just because this particular work cannot

Exit Memo: On Reading

As an essayist, I spend a lot of time reflecting on my experiences. In fact, I just wrote a whole thesis of reflections on different happenings in my life. However, for all the time I spend thinking about what in

Comma Conundrum

Surely, you’ve heard it all before. Heralded as a key mark for clarity, bemoaned as a pretentious rhythm breaking roadblock, the Oxford comma has sparked more eye-rolling debates than a piece of punctuation might deserve. To review, the Oxford comma

Artomatic: March 24 to May 6 in Crystal City

Artomatic is a DC metro area institution. It calls itself an “artist-run, unjuried, multimedia arts temporary event that draws together visual and performing artists.” Basically, a huge group of artists commandeers a large space somewhere in the metro DC area and celebrates

I’m Appositive I Have A-Problem

  Everyone has a writing tick, a repetitious practice that can become like a written accent. At best, these idiosyncrasies establish distinct voice and compelling narrative style. At worst, a writing tick catches in the reader’s ear like the incessant

Visiting Writer’s Series: An Interview with Ada Limón

  We don’t know about you, but the staff over here at Café cannot wait to hear Ada Limón read tonight. In preparation for Limón’s visit, editor Yohanca Delgado chatted with her about form, voice, and swimming with Natalie Diaz.

Some New Possibilities of Being: A Brief Tour of Ada Limón’s Poetry

  If you read this past week’s New Yorker, you have seen Limón’s latest poem. If you didn’t, you can read it here: “The Burying Beetle.” What I appreciate most about Limón as a poet is her openness. Her collections vary significantly in voice and