Exit Memo: On Making it Happen

Exit Memo: On Making it Happen

On applying to graduate school in the first place: do it.

On taking a workshop outside your genre, even though you’re still trying to find your footing in the genre you know and love: do it.

On going to your professor’s office hours: do it.

On getting involved with program publications, like Café Américain and Folio: do it.

On showing up early and staying late to learn more about your workshop peers’ work, their goals, their writing life, their favorite books, the books they hate: do it.

On going out to the bar after workshop, even when you are really tired and don’t want to stay long: do it.

On inviting people in your workshops to attend readings around the city with you: do it.

On emailing writers you admire and asking if they’ll allow you to interview them: do it.

On buying your books at locally-owned bookstores: do it.

On throwing parties for your workshop peers in your tiny apartment: do it.

On meeting people in your workshops outside of school to write, or to Pomodoro, or to talk about what you are trying to write: do it.

On contacting alumni of your graduate program and asking them for advice: do it.

On talking on the phone when one of your workshop peers is at a residency: do it.

On maintaining a group text whose sole purpose is to celebrate when your work is not accepted by a literary magazine or journal: do it.

On stepping back and realizing that, in the last three years, you’ve somehow become a part of an amazing community of writers who inspire you, who challenge you, who remind you why you write: do it.


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Emily Moses is the outgoing editor in chief of Café Américain and a third-year candidate in the American University’s Creative Writing MFA program.

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