FOLIO Volume 34

FOLIO Volume 34

By A.R. Castellano

This year’s issue of FOLIO sought work responding to themes of universal connections across the natural world—branches and roots, ancestry and rebirth, fate and knowledge. Art about finding oneself either completely of the world or hopelessly pitted against it.

In keeping with tradition, we’re honored to once again recognize three recipients of our 2019 Editor’s Prize: Joseph Cárdenas for “Young Dioses,” an essay about family lore and legacies, and how they move us; poet M.B. McLatchey, for her rebuttal to Keats in “Ode for an Ode on a Grecian Urn”; and Carly E. Husick, for her short story “Related Disorders.” In our featured interview, Soniah Kamal discusses her novel Unmarriageable, a retelling of Pride and Prejudice set in Pakistan, as well as her self-education in the finding of universalities.

Our illustrious list of contributors for Spring 2019 includes: Richard Brostoff, Roger Camp, Joseph Cárdenas, Mary Copeland, Genevieve DeGuzman, Wendy Dinwiddie, Susan Dyer, Jonathan Greenhause, Joshua Hall, Emily Holland, Carly E. Husick, Julie Iannone, Jayne Marek, Laura McCullough, M.B. McLatchey, Thomas Osatchoff, Simon Perchik, Alice Pettway, Dan Pinkerton, Fabrice Poussin, Donna Pucciani, Laurie Reiche, Sam Simon, Sarah Walker, Suellen Wedmore, and Cassondra Windwalker.

This latest volume is a collection of art about births and beginnings, legacies and change. Families come closer together and drift apart in turn. We bear witness to losses of self, of love, of life—and how we carry on anew after those perceived endings.

Get your copy of FOLIO Vol. 34 fresh from the printer on Sunday, May 12th, during the American University MFA Graduate Reading & Reception at Politics and Prose, beginning at 6:00 p.m.

Can’t make the launch? Order your physical copy through Submittable, and digital formats through 0s+1s. DMV locals can pick up a copy at Politics and Prose or Potter’s House.

A.R. Castellano is Editor-in-Chief of FOLIO and a third-year MFA candidate at American University. He’s going to miss you all very much.

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