Literary Desserts Party 2019

Literary Desserts Party 2019

From Left to Right: Emily Holland, Cassie Osvatics, Emily Smith, Bailey Blumenstock, Dara Feldman, Ben Truax, Tim Englehart

By: Emily Smith

In December, the Literature Department held one of its most beloved traditions – the Literary Desserts Party. The MA and MFA faculty and graduate students gathered to celebrate a mutual love of literature and decadent sweets. The only rule: each student provide a homemade dessert inspired by a literary pun. And, of course, the professors provide refreshments.

Professor Rachel Louise Snyder hosted the event in her newly renovated kitchen, and as always the Lit Desserts Party was a standout hit. Over confections such as The Bluest Pie and One Flew Over the Cookie’s Nest, professors and students unwound from a productive semester and bid adieu until the coming spring semester.

After dinner, a committee of expert dessert connoisseurs, some of our very own professors and their children, assembled to judge the submissions. The highly anticipated results:

Honorable Mentions

Dara Feldman – Grapes of Wrath

Cassie Osvatics – One Hundred Layers of Solitude

Emily Smith – Jurassic Bark

The Grand Winners

Bailey Blumenstock – The Yellow Wall-Nut Paper

Ben Truax – Oh, the places yule go!

Emily Holland – My Lime Among the (Egg) Whites

Tim Englehart – Tommy Orange Cream Eclaire, Eclaire

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to Rachel Louise Snyder and the entire Literature Department for holding the event!

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