Name Change to Cafe MFA

Name Change to Cafe MFA

It’s official! We’ve changed our name to Café MFA. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Help us kick-start the conversation this year! Tag us in your MFA pictures and literary happenings. Let us share the love when you get published or have a literary event!

We’re always looking for guest contributions. It is our MFA blog, after all, and we want to publish as many of our voices as possible. We’re especially interested in:

  • Book Reviews (especially on the work of this year’s Visiting Writers). Tell us about the books that made you want to be a writer and the books that challenged/deepened your understanding of craft and narrative.
  • Favorite Sentence. Do you have a favorite sentence in literature? Tell us when you across it and how your understanding of it has evolved over the years.
  • Pop Culture. movie reviews (with a literary bent: look for alumna Emily reviewing the new Joan Didion documentary coming out in late October) and music reviews written with as much attention to language as to content.
  • Connect with other writers and alumni to talk about craft and the writing process.
  • Literary Events. If you attend a literary event in DC, tell us about it or share a picture with us!
  • Literary Field Reports. Tell us about a residency and conference you attended (What was it like? What sort of writer would benefit most from attending?).

Blog posts needn’t be longer than 500 words (though they can be, if you’re feeling inspired).

If you’d like to write a post for us, but aren’t sure where to start, you can reach us at the old email address or at the new one You can email me directly at

Thanks for reading (and writing),


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