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Sweet, Sweet Victory at the Annual Literary Desserts Party

Sweet, Sweet Victory at the Annual Literary Desserts Party


For the graduate students in the Literature (MA) and Creative Writing (MFA) programs at AU, September brought workshops, reading lists, rough drafts—and desserts. At the annual Literary Desserts party on Saturday, hosted at the home of Professor Rachel Louise Snyder, students showed up bearing not papers but pies, cakes, and all manner of sweets with pun-filled names inspired by literature and film.

Faculty members from both the MA and the MFA programs judged over two dozen desserts, ranging from sweet potato fries with bacon yogurt dip (“Lord of the Fries”) to miniature chocolate tartlets (“Tarts of Darkness”) to iced carrot cake brownies with bunnies on top (“Watership Downies”). Five students went home with awards based on the tastiness and creativity of their homemade treats. Second year MFA Creative Writing student Nancy Kidder took home first place for her entry, “Huck and Jim’s Finn-tastic Chocolate Cake Raft,” bearing two Ken dolls (Huckleberry Finn and Jim, naturally) on a river raft of traditional Yule log cakes baked with real Ghirardelli chocolate. Kidder set the bar high for the dessert competition, and students are already brainstorming ideas in hopes of taking home next year’s first prize.

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